Yuzu Lemon SuperTea by Clevr

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Introducing the new Clevr Yuzu Lemon SuperTea—the perfect way to stay cool, calm, and quenched this summer! Crafted with a hydrating cold brew of botanical teas, crisp coconut water, and sunny fruit nectars plus probiotics and adaptogens for good-time vibes—Yuzu Lemon SuperTea is your go-to iced tea drink with a twist.

Give summer days a serious upgrade with this delicious hybrid of Japanese Yuzu and organic lemon. The tangy yet sweet citrus flavor will tantalize your taste buds while providing your body with instant hydration from electrolyte-packed coconut water, lemon, and himalayan pink salt. Plus, it's packed with functional botanicals like science-backed probiotics for gut health & digestion support and Cordyceps for energy, stress & vitality. We didn't forget about skin hydration either: Tremella is included for an extra boost. And don't worry: there's no added sugar or fillings in this tea! All you need to do is add water and pour over a frosty glass of ice.

Say goodbye to boring lemonade drinks this season—choose Clevr Yuzu Lemon SuperTea for both taste and good vibes this summer!


Instant hydration from electrolyte-packed organic coconut water, lemon, and himalayan pink salt

Gut health & digestion support from science-backed probiotics and slippery elm 

Energy, stress & vitality from cordyceps

Skin hydration from tremella

No added sugar, flavorings, or fillers.


Organic coconut water powder, organic lemon juice powder, yuzu juice powder, organic cordyceps extract, organic tremella extract, organic slippery elm bark powder, organic lemon balm powder, himalayan pink salt, bacillus coagulans GBI 30-6086 probiotics, organic stevia extract

Contains: Tree Nuts (Coconut)