urb THCB Caviar Flower

Introducing urb THCB Caviar Flower, an artisanal blend of premium hemp that's sure to tantalize and delight your senses! Our expertly trimmed hemp flower is coated with our premium distillate, then delicately dusted with the finest kief – ensuring that you get the very best top-shelf cannabis experience! In this 7g flower, you'll get an exquisite aroma and flavor, with a perfect harmony of THCB, D9-THCP, and D8-THCP.

Want to turn heads with your next smoke? Let urb THCB Caviar Flower be your go-to pick for a stunning and luxurious cannabis experience. You'll enjoy increased potency and aroma as our trim, distillate, and kief all come together for a one of a kind flavor profile. We take pride in our artisanal process, so rest assured that only the highest quality hemp is used for this caviar flower.

So, when you want to go above and beyond with your next cannabis joint, go for the best and choose urb THCB Caviar Flower – you won't be disappointed!