urb Saucy THC Diamonds Shorty Joints

Urb Saucy THC Diamonds Shorty Joints are the perfect way to experience the best in artisanal, premium hemp! Forget rolling your own – why bother when you can enjoy our carefully trimmed and coated goodness, dusted in the finest kief?

Imagine premium hemp, trimmed to perfection, covered in select distillate, and finished with a sprinkling of top quality kief. That’s the urb Saucy THC Diamonds Shorty Joint experience. Treat yourself to a flavorful, easy-to-enjoy smoke without the hassle of rolling – convenience and quality crafted into one delectable joint.

Urb crafts products for your pleasure. Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine cannabis or just beginning to explore the joys of smoking, you’ll find Saucy THC Diamonds Shorty Joints deliver a sublime experience, made with laser- precision and a dedication to excellence. Celebrate the pleasure of smoking – choose urb Saucy THC Diamonds Shorty Joints!


Juicy Fruit (Hybrid): A cross between tropical and citrus with the flavor profile of plums enveloping this strain.

Slurricane (Indica): A sweet blend of berries and grapes.

Purpke Urkle (Indica): Grape and plum aromas mix for an overall berry flavor.

Sherbert Punch (Sativa): Reminds you of the nostalgic summertime treat of sherbert with lime punching through.

Strawberry Gusher (Sativa): A sweet berry combination bursting with notes of strawberry.

Tangie Banana (Sativa): Citrus and tropical aromas fill this strain, ending with hints of banana.