urb Saucy THC Diamonds Cartridge 2.2ML

Treat yourself to the ultimate experience with urb's Saucy THC Diamonds Cartridge!

This sleek and stylish 2.2ML cartridge packs a punch with its potent pantheon of Delta 8 THC, THCA, and THCH – all blended in perfect harmony.

Whether you're new to cannabis products or have been around the block a few times, you can appreciate the superior quality and taste the Saucy THC Diamonds offer.

With Liquid Diamond THCA oil as well as natural terpenes, flavonoids, oleoresins, and other oils all playing their part in this impressive blend, it's an experience that won't be forgotten any time soon. The entourage effect plus a burst of flavor make this unique product one worth talking about!

Let urb's Saucy THC Diamonds Cartridge introduce you to a world of pleasure that only intensifies each time you indulge.


Purple Urkle (Indica) - Grape and plum aromas mix for an overall berry flavor.

Slurricane (Indica) - A sweet blend of berries and grapes.

Juicy Fruit (Hybrid) - A cross between tropical and citrus with the flavor profile of plums enveloping this strain.

 Tangie Banana (Sativa) - Citrus and tropical aromas fill this strain, ending with hints of banana.

Strawberry Gusher (Sativa) - A sweet berry combination bursting with notes of strawberry.

Lime Sherbert Punch (Sativa) - Reminds you of the nostalgic summertime treat of sherbert with lime punching through.