urb Liquid Badder 7g Flower

Are you ready to get up close and personal with some of the most savory, complex and expertly crafted cannabis you can find? Then look no further than urb’s Liquid Badder 7g Flower! An artisanal blend of premium hemp, this delicious bud has been expertly trimmed before being fully enveloped in our unique and luxurious Liquid Badder blend of THC-A, THC-B and THC-P.

Whether you’re an experienced connoisseur or a newbie looking to explore the wide world of cannabis, urb’s Liquid Badder 7g Flower is sure to please! Its aromas waft through the room with a unique complexity, engaging the senses in an experience like no other. With sweet undertones, earthy mid-notes and a heady herbal finish, this bud’s flavor is sure to tantalize and delight.

One of the best parts about Liquid Badder 7g Flower is that it’s easy to store and last longer. Keep it out of direct sunlight and never leave it in a hot car. 

Whether you’re looking to enhance an intimate dinner, relax after a long day or add some extra fun to your weekend activities, urb’s Liquid Badder 7g Flower is sure to have you covered. So don’t wait - experience the best of the best today!


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Funnel Cake (Indica): The classic fair food wrapped up in one buttery, sweet pull.

Cotton Candy (Hybrid): A euphoric strain full of sweet floral notes and lavender.

Blue Strawberry (Hybrid): A tropical take on ripe strawberry with the freshness of blueberry.

Waterberry Kush (Sativa): A mashup of summery watermelon with subtle notes of pine and earthy wood.

Lime Pixie (Sativa): A punchy rush of citrus and sweetness, followed by a hint of mint.