urb D9 HHC Lozenges 250mg

Do you want to experience the therapeutic effects of THC but are new to cannabinoids and don't know where to start? Well, look no further! Urb's 5mg D9 & HHC Lozenges contain 50 pieces of individually micro-dosed lozenges that start with just 2MG Delta 9 THC and 3MG HHC per piece.

Made with natural ingredients including sugar, corn syrup, water, hemp extracts, natural and artificial flavors, and malic and citric acid, they dissolve in your mouth quickly for a faster onset than gummies.
So it's easy to control your dosage level throughout the day by starting with one lozenge and increasing as needed. Our personalized approach makes it controlled and practical for those seeking natural wellness remedies.
And best of all: it comes with a child proof jar so you can keep them safe from curious little hands!
With these Urb 5mg D9 & HHC Lozenges, you can now easily find the relief you're looking for - naturally. Give yourself some much-needed R&R today with our Urb 5mg D9 & HHC Lozenges!