Unbleached Pre Rolled Cones 1-1/4" by Blazy Susan

Are you looking for the perfect way to enjoy your favorite smoke sesh? Check out Blazy Susan's 6 Pack of Unbleached Pre Rolled Cones!

These cones provide an easy and convenient way to smoke and can be used with any herbal blend of your choice. This pack comes with two stacks of three unbleached cones and eco-friendly unbleached straws to make packing them even easier. And because they’re unbleached, you can rest easy knowing that you’re doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

Perfect for the eco-conscious wellness enthusiast, these cones are a great way to maintain your holistic wellness routine. Whether you’re into plant-based wellness or just looking for a great way to relax, these unbleached pre rolled cones are the perfect tool. Get your pack today and experience a convenient and eco-minded smoke sesh!