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Tripod, Smudge Shell Holder

Elevate your smudging ceremony with the timeless elegance of our all-natural 6-inch Wood Tripod Stand. This exquisite piece is more than a mere incense holder; it's a testament to skilled craftsmanship and traditional practices. Imported directly from India, each stand is hand-crafted with care and dedication, ensuring a unique presence in your sacred space.

Nestled within individual papyrus wrappers, every tripod stand arrives in pristine condition, reflecting our commitment to excellence and respect for the ritual it serves. The design is not only beautiful but practical, with collapsible legs that allow for effortless storage when the stand is not in use, maintaining its form and function for years to come.

Versatility is at the heart of this creation, with each stand featuring an adjustable design to support Abalone shells ranging from 4 inches to 8 inches. Whether you're cradling a smaller shell for a personal session or a larger one for a group gathering, this stand will hold your sacred vessel securely, allowing you to focus on the spiritual experience.

Perfect for smudging ceremonies or as a daily incense holder, our Wood Tripod Stand is an essential addition to your ritualistic practices, promising stability, beauty, and a touch of the artisan's spirit in every use.