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The Tug & Toke Dog Toy

Introducing The Tug & Toke, a unique and playful dog toy that combines fun and dental health care in one innovative design! This bong-shaped toy, complete with an attached rope, is perfect for engaging playtime and interactive tug-of-war sessions with your furry friend.

Crafted with massaging nubs, The Tug & Toke not only entertains but also cleans your dog's teeth and tongue, while gently massaging their gums to promote oral health. The clever incorporation of treat holders adds an extra layer of fun, turning it into a delightful interactive game that keeps your dog amused and active.

Made from 100% non-toxic, all-natural rubber, this toy is entirely safe for your pet to chew and tug on. Measuring a convenient 4"x6" size and weighing 10 oz, it's suitable for a variety of dog breeds. Plus, its dishwasher-safe feature ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Tug & Toke is more than just a toy; it's a comprehensive playmate that cares for your dog's dental health while ensuring they have a great time. Let your dog enjoy the endless fun and health benefits with this uniquely designed toy!