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Tarot Card Incense Stick Gift Set - Fortune Teller Collection

Delve into the mystical world of tarot with our Tarot Card Incense Stick Gift Set. This enchanting collection is inspired by traditional tarot card designs and includes four distinct fragrances, each corresponding to a different tarot card. Perfect for adding a touch of magic to your meditation, relaxation, or spiritual practices, this set is a beautiful addition to any mystical gift collection.

Set Includes:

  • The Lovers (Red Rose): A romantic and floral fragrance that evokes feelings of love and passion.
  • The Moon (Black Opium): A deep, mysterious scent perfect for introspection and enhancing intuition.
  • The Sun (Green Tea): A refreshing and uplifting aroma that promotes positivity and clarity.
  • The Star (Lavender): A calming and soothing scent ideal for relaxation and tranquility.


  • Contents: Each pack contains 14 incense sticks, totaling 56 sticks in the set.
  • Safety: Please practice caution when burning incense and never leave lit sticks unattended.
  • Design: Part of the bestselling Fortune Teller collection by Something Different, known for mystical gifts and home decor.

Why Choose Our Tarot Card Incense Stick Gift Set?

This set is thoughtfully designed to combine the ancient wisdom of tarot with the soothing power of incense. Each fragrance is carefully selected to align with the energy of its corresponding tarot card, making this a perfect gift for tarot enthusiasts, meditation practitioners, or anyone looking to add a magical touch to their home.

Perfect For:

  • Enhancing meditation or spiritual practices.
  • Gifting to friends and family who appreciate mystical and magical items.
  • Creating a calming and mystical atmosphere in any space.

Transform your space and elevate your spiritual practice with the Tarot Card Incense Stick Gift Set. Each scent is designed to bring the energy of the tarot into your daily life.