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SunsUp Mushroom Coffee Mix by Plant People

Welcome to your mornings in a vibrant, new way with SunsUp Mushroom Coffee Mix from Plant People! Whether you typically reach for a cup of coffee or tea each day, you can now enjoy amazing morning energy with this special blend of adaptogenic mushrooms, herbs, and minerals. With 14 servings per box, it's the perfect way to start feeling good right off the bat!

What makes SunsUp Mushroom Coffee Mix truly unique is its combination of natural ingredients lovingly chosen to help kick-start your metabolism — without any added sugar! It’s boosted with chromium and green tea that’s been studied for its metabolic regulating properties.

Plus, you get natural fiber and cinnamon for satisfying your stomach plus curbing cravings. Nootropics such as bacopa, alpha GPC and L-theanine offer enhanced focus which make it easier to tackle whatever comes in your day! And best on all?

You get 100% fruiting body extracts — no fillers — plus DNA verification along with tested potency & purity so you always feel confident knowing exactly what’s going into your body.

Whether you're in need of gentle energy, boosted clarity and mood or just want to kickstart your metabolism — SunsUp Mushroom Coffee Mix by Plant People has got you covered! So why wait? Reclaim your mornings starting today!