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Spell Kits Collection

Embrace the art of modern witchcraft and enhance your spiritual practice with our Spell Kits Collection. Whether you seek protection, happiness, or self-love, our kits from Something Different Wholesale are meticulously curated to assist you in channeling magical energies and achieving your desired outcomes.

Magic Protection Spell in A Box:

  • Contents: Includes 3 unscented grey spell candles, a sliding box that doubles as a candle holder, and detailed instructions.
  • Benefits: Designed to amplify your inner magic and shield you from negativity and spiritual fatigue.
  • Collection: Part of the White Witch range, offering modern witchcraft supplies and self-care gifts.

Herbal Magick Happiness Spell Kit:

  • Contents: Features a selenite wand, Palo Santo, 200g of dried sunflowers, a natural abalone shell, and a guidebook on happiness spells and rituals.
  • Benefits: Enhances happiness and promotes positive energy while clearing negative vibes.
  • Packaging: Comes in a recyclable gift box with shredded paper, ensuring eco-friendly practices.

Herbal Magick Self Love Spell Kit:

  • Contents: Includes a selenite wand, Palo Santo, 200g of dried rose buds, a natural abalone shell, and a guidebook on self-love spells and rituals.
  • Benefits: Fosters self-love, emotional balance, and compassion through carefully selected herbal components.
  • Packaging: Beautifully packaged in a recyclable gift box with shredded paper, ideal for gifting.

Why Choose Our Spell Kits?

Each kit is designed with both novices and seasoned practitioners in mind, providing all necessary tools and guidance to perform spells effectively. These kits are not only functional but also make thoughtful gifts for anyone interested in enhancing their personal well-being through magical practices.

Perfect For:

  • Enhancing personal meditation spaces
  • Gift-giving to those interested in witchcraft and self-care
  • Expanding your practice with specifically curated magical tools

Embrace the power of nature and magic with our beautifully crafted Spell Kits. Each one is designed to help you manifest your intentions and transform your spiritual practice.