Single D8/D9 THC Gummies 3500MG

Are you looking for a reliable way to get the relaxation and rest you deserve? Check out urb D8/D9 THC Gummies for a potent balance of Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC! Perfect for trouble sleeping or pain management, you’ll be sure to get the most optimized relief possible. Not to mention, these gummies are made with freshly-frozen hydrocarbon extracted live resin concentrate for an added kick.

Reduce the stress in your life with urb D8/D9 THC Gummies.  So grab your bottle, step away from the hustle and bustle of life, and take some time to relax this evening. Get ready, get set, and relax.

Apple Berri: Sour apple and ripe blueberry are perfectly blended together for a tasty fruity concoction.

Berry Burst: Love berries? This is perfect for you. Get a refreshing taste of elderberry and blueberry in just one fruity bite.

Knockout Punch: Hints of sweet strawberry and tangerine punch through in this delicious flavor.

Lavish Fresa: This luxurious blend of tart strawberry and ripe mango tastes like sunshine on the beach.

Spiked Kiwi: An exotic blend of bright dragonfruit and sour kiwi are sure to refresh and unwind your senses.

Voodoo Sunrise: An enticing mashup of banana, citrus, and tropical fruit create a new irresistible flavor.

Tropical Breeze: Enjoy the taste of paradise anytime with an exotic, tropical blend enhanced with smooth, sweet pineapple.


– 35 count, 90mg Delta 8 THC and 10mg Delta 9 THC each. 3,500mg per jar.

– Comes in a custom Urb child proof jar.

– ¼ of a gummy per serving (25mg), 140 servings per container.