Qwin Delta 8 THC Cart

Qwin's original and kush series Delta 8 carts are some of the best out there. 

Delta-8 is found in cannabis and has a similar molecular structure to THC, with a much lower psychotropic potency. 

Ingredients: Whole-plant hemp extract (Δ8 derived from Cannabis Sativa L. lab-tested <0.3% Δ9 THC) and botanical terpenes.

1100 mg by weight.

    Available Strains:

    • Brotha Louie featuring King Louie XIII genetics: Born in LA, this extremely rare and sought-after strain is characterized by its perfect blend of sweet and sour.  Brotha Louie, our twist on this strain with delicious berry notes, makes this pen an ideal addition to your nighttime ritual.
    • Fruity Gangster: An earthy, lemon taste with a happy, uplifted flavor. (Sativa-dominant Hybrid)
    • Lychee-Do: A sweet and earthy citrus and berry flavor with an uplifting treat.  (Indica-Dominant Hybrid)
    • Moonies: Qwin's custom strain that has a soothing grape and blueberry flavor.  (Indica-Dominant Hybrid)
    • Orange Squeeze: A sweet citrus taste with a creative, upbeat flavor. (Sativa)
    • Puff Berries featuring Runtz genetics: Runtz, winner of Leafly’s 2020 Strain of the Year, is an energizing hybrid renowned for its exceptionally fruity flavor profile. Known for its long-lasting, uplifting, and euphoric effects.Our Puff Berries blend adds a subtle sweet and tart overture to this exceptionally tasty strain. 
    • Rainbow Kush: A juicy sweet fruity taste with creative-inducing flavors. (Indica-Dominant Hybrid)
    • Thug Passion featuring Jack Herer genetics: Having won 9 Cannabis Cup titles, Jack Herer is a connoisseur favorite. Typically spicy and piney. Thug Passion adds tropical fruity balance to one of the most classic and universally celebrated sativa strains of all time.


    Test results available here.