Purple Pre Rolled Cones 1-1/4" by Blazy Susan

Are you ready to take your smoking experience to a higher level? Look no further than Blazy Susan's Purple Pre Rolled Cones! Their 6 Pack of Purple Pre Rolled Cones contains 2 stacks of 3 purple cones, with eco-friendly purple straws included to make packing them even easier. These cones stand out with their bright purple hue and 1-1/4" size that is perfect for packaging your favorite herbs.

The right rolling device can make a huge difference as you're discovering the world of holistic and plant-based wellness. With Blazy Susan's Purple Pre Rolled Cones, you'll know your herbs are being packed with care and quality every single time. The size and color of the roll will bring a smile to your face and your herbs will be secure and protected. Making smoking your herbs a breeze has never been easier or more fun!

Make your smoking experience special with Blazy Susan's Purple Pre Rolled Cones.