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Purple High Roller Kit by Blazy Susan

Get the balance of power and creativity with the High Roller Kit, Purple by Blazy Susan! If you’re looking for the perfect joint for a party, holidays, or just a calming after-work session, then this is the kit for you. Get full control of how big or small you can make your joint and customize it to your heart’s content.

The Blazy Susan High Roller Kit comes with 8 meters of signature rolling paper and a set of filter tips with perforations, giving each smoker the power to customize their rolls. Want a fat joint for 4-20 or a long joint for a picnic? With the High Roller Kit you can make them all! Plus, it’s so much easier to make smokable art pieces that express your style.

But most of all, our High Roller Kits are the perfect way to promote wellness, whether you’re into plant-based or holistic lifestyles. From beat-the-stress soothing sessions to mindful ceremonies, our High Roller Kit will make sure that each and every smoke session is up to your standards. Tag us in your creations so we can see your amazing work!