Puffy 4.5G THC-A Blends Disposable Vape

Ready for an upgrade in your vaping experience? Look no further than Puffy 4.5G THCA Disposable Vape! Enjoy the enhanced features, like the preheat function which can be engaged with a double press and promising no more clogs due to cooled oil. Experience the variable voltage triggered with a triple press and two power settings - low for sublime flavors and high for intense clouds. Get ready to enjoy every puff tailored to your desires!

THC-A isn't just an acronym that looks cool, either - it's actually a cannabinoid found in hemp that has been studied for its potential therapeutic effects on the human body. Heating or exposing THC-A to light converts it into D9 THC, which is the thing responsible for the effects related to cannabis consumption. Studies have discovered potential anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, anti-nausea, appetite stimulation, and anxiety reducing properties in this powerful compound - making Puffy 4.5G THCA Disposable Vape perfect for medical marijuana enthusiasts!

For those who may need a bit of convincing on how awesome this vape is: It offers unparalleled enjoyment that provides both power and versatility - plus, the advanced science behind it allows you to experience all of those noted benefits from THC-A.

So if you're looking for a vape that'll take you on an adventure tailored to your desires, have no fear: Puffy 4.5G is here!

Jelly Bean (Sativa): Made with sauce from Maui Wowie strain and combined with a zesty ice, this blend has a tangy ice that will have your taste buds dancing.

Icing (Sativa): Sip on sunshine with Strawberry Lemonade! Take a break from the ordinary and dive into a blissful blend of sweet strawberries and zingy Lemonade. It's like a vacation in every sip!

Hippiez' (Hybrid): Savor the fusion of delight: Notes of peach and raspberries converge, leading you to a sweet minty utopia. Let the juicy essence of ripe peaches and the tanginess of raspberries transcend, creating a captivating combination of sweetness and minty freshness.

Creepin' (Hybrid)Electrifying crisp green apples paired with one of our favorite strains Gelato-41 will have you floating in zero gravity.

Ghetto Bird (Indica): Discover a majestic journey: Sweet strawberry and King Louie OG united! Embark on a sensational fusion of succulent strawberries and the relaxing power of King Louie OG. A blissful combination fit for OGs!

Shuvit (Indica): Immerse Yourself in the juicy and sweet aromas of watermelon, infused with the remarkable Pink Runtz. Enjoy the extended giggly and mellow effects.

Ingredients: THC-A, Delta-9P, HHC-O, Hydroxy-10, Delta-8, Cannabis Derived Terpenes, Botanical Terpenes, CBN, and CBG.