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Lion's Paw Shell Smudge Bowls

Immerse yourself in the purity and tradition of smudging with Faiza Naturals™ exclusive Lion's Paw Scallop Shell Smudge Bowls. Our beautifully crafted smudge bowls are ethically sourced from a dedicated marine-life farm, deeply committed to the principles of sustainable harvesting. Each shell, spanning 5 to 6 inches, is a natural work of art, perfect for holding your sacred smudging herbs.

The lion's paw scallop, distinguished by its size and strikingly ornate ridges, bears unique knobs that add to its rough, tactile allure. These shells boast a vibrant spectrum of colors, from fiery reds and oranges to deep, mystical purples, making each piece a one-of-a-kind addition to your spiritual toolkit.

Use these magnificent Lion's Paw Smudge Bowls to cradle your white sage bundles or any other smudge sticks, creating an environment of cleansing and sanctity. For your peace of mind, every shell is meticulously wrapped in Saran Wrap to ensure its protection during shipping.

At Faiza Naturals™, we are proud to offer nationwide shipping, so you can bring a touch of the ocean's majesty directly into your home for a grounding and purifying smudging experience. Each shell not only serves as a vessel for your rituals but also as a reminder of the beauty and generosity of the marine world.