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Kava THC Dark Chocolate Bar by Hometown Hero

Have you been looking for the perfect symphony of relaxation and indulgence? Look no further! Kava THC Dark Chocolate Bar by Hometown Hero is here - and it delivers! What could be better than enjoying the luxurious, deep flavors of dark chocolate while reaping all the rewards that kava and your favorite cannabinoid have to offer?

Relax in style with every bite of these exquisitely crafted bars. Specially formulated for ultimate convenience, each bar contains eight perfectly portioned 20 mg squares of Delta-9 THC, in addition to 50 mg of kava extract per square. Enjoy a balanced euphoria with just the right amount for first-timers or experienced users alike. Plus, rest assured knowing you’re only consuming natural ingredients of the highest quality.

Still not convinced? Discover the potential holistic benefits of combining kava and THC offered by this unique experience - from tension reduction to stress relief and more. Not to mention, feel good about what you put into your body thanks to Kava THC Dark Chocolate Bar’s 67% cocoa content - an ideal treat for anyone seeking guilt-free enjoyment!

In summary, indulge yourself without feeling guilty – Kava THC Dark Chocolate Bar lets you enjoy extreme flavor while giving you a delicately balanced hit of relaxation like never before. Get ready for a heavenly state of bliss that only comes from natures best ingredients combined together!

Ingredients: Semi-sweet dark chocolate, unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, milk fat, butter lecithin, vanilla, 400mg kava 160mg D9 THC


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