Guava Green SuperTea by Clevr

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Introducing the Clevr Guava Green SuperTea... a new generation of iced teas! Packed with the taste of tropical guava and tart passionfruit, plus loads of adaptogens and probiotics for functional benefits. Enhance your lifestyle and sip in style with this effortlessly quenching beverage—just add water and pour over a frosty glass of ice.

It’s everything you need to stay cool, calm & collected. With refreshing electrolyte-packed organic coconut water, powerful adaptogenic mushrooms for natural energy, plus slippery elm to support a healthy gut.

All made even tastier with sweet guava & passionfruit extracts, and stevia for delicious flavor without added sugar or fillers. A fun & educational way to take advantage of our natural plant-based wellness options—tastes just like strawberry pear without the harshness found in traditional energy drinks.

No matter where you’re going, Clevr Guava Green SuperTea has you covered with 35mg of light caffeine--the perfect companion for all the zigging and zagging life throws your way!

Get yours today and experience hydrating refreshment that keeps up with your every move.


Froth or shake 1 tbsp with 8 oz cold water. Pour over ice.

Make a glass any time you’re looking for refreshing, functional hydration.

Ingredients: Organic coconut water powder, organic lemon juice powder, *guava juice powder, organic green tea powder, organic passion fruit juice powder, organic cordyceps extract, organic tremella extract, organic slippery elm bark powder, bacillus coagulans GBI 30-6086 probiotics, himalayan pink salt, organic stevia extract

Contains: Tree Nuts (Coconut)