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Exhale HHC Pre-rolls (5-Pack)

Danu Wellness carries Exhale's pre-rolls made from their premium HHC hemp flower. 

Now you can experience the inspirational peace of Aurora Borealis within yourself. Northern Lights is the perfect choice for winding down after an action-packed day. This classic Indica has sweet and earthy flavors with just a dash of spice. Exhale joints are tightly packed without any air pockets to speak of, so you get the most out of your smoke sesh.

    Lab Results

    An elevating Hybrid, Skywalker OG offers clear-headed bliss whenever you need it. It doesn’t get any more convenient than these pre-rolled joints, tightly packed for maximum effect. It boasts a complex terpene profile, blending fruity notes, a citrusy tang, earthy undertones, and just a hint of pine. Now anyone can experience Skywalker OG’s bold flavors thanks to federally legal HHC.

      Lab Results

      With Exhale's HHC pre-rolls, your smoke sesh has never been easier. We pack each one tight as possible — no air pockets here — and roll them in organic hemp paper. Spark one up and taste the tangy terpenes of Sour D with the mellow effects of HHC. Pre-rolls are great for sharing; just remember to pass it on the left-hand side.

        Lab Results

        • Premium HHC Hemp Flower
        • Expertly Rolled
        • 100% Naturally Grown
        • 3rd Party Lab Tested
        • Non-GMO
        • Federal Farm Bill Compliant