Exhale Delta-8 Pre-rolls - Zkittles (5-Pack)

Danu Wellness carries Exhale's pre-rolls made from their premium Delta 8 hemp flower.  Zkittles with Delta-8 THC is a tropical explosion of fruity flavor that will satisfy your taste buds and well-being. Exhale knows the importance of portability and simplicity when it comes to enjoying hemp flower. That’s why they pack our pre-rolls tight, filled with as much tasty flower as can possibly fit inside. Zkittles is a strain that never gets old, which is why these pre-rolls are rolled to last. Get the most out of your Zkittles Delta-8 here at Exhale! Don’t just taste the rainbow; let it carry you into a state of physical and mental bliss like never before. 

  • Expertly Rolled – No Air Pockets
  • Rolled with Premium Delta-8 Hemp Flower
  • Strain: Zkittles
  • 100% Naturally Grown
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant


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