Exhale Delta ­8 Hemp Flower - Hawaiian Haze

Danu Wellness carries Exhale's Delta 8 indoor grown hemp flower.  We almost couldn’t believe it when Exhale paired Hawaiian Haze with the stupendous effects of Delta 8 THC. There is no compromise in the quality of the original Hawaiian Haze. The smooth, sun-kissed floral taste explodes across your taste buds, and the smoke creates a tropical-citrus cloud that envelops the senses. We didn’t know Hawaiian Haze could get any better, but Delta 8 THC’s tranquil and clear-headed euphoria made it even more enjoyable.

  • Premium Delta-8 Hemp Flower
  • Strain: Hawaiian Haze
  • Glass Jar with Child-Resistant Cap
  • 100% Naturally Grown
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant

Locally Sourced From: Oregon

Genetics: Hawaiian x Haze

The scents and exotic flavors of the tropics never fail to help bring some joy into life. Even in the dead of winter, a bit of citrus and island breeze can go a long way in making us feel warm and happy. For hemp lovers, all of this is within reach with a strain like Hawaiian Haze!

To make your Hawaiian Haze experience even more heady and enjoyable, it now includes Delta 8! Delta 8 provides a relaxing yet uplifting addition to CBD, complimenting its effects with a lightly euphoric, elevated mindset. If you love learning about new strains or are trying to figure out if this is a good one for you, read further, and we will cover all there is to know about Hawaiian Haze Delta 8!

Hawaiian Haze is a favorite strain for daytime consumption for its high-quality Sativa effects. With both parent genetics coming from highly valued Sativa lines, Hawaiian Haze D8 is a valuable addition to the family, now with the extra benefits from Delta 8. This makes Hawaiian Haze a formidable force, sure to provide all of the best qualities we look for in a quality Sativa.

As a Sativa dominant strain, the effects of Hawaiian Haze are felt less in the body; instead, consumption will promote an energized focus amazing for physical activity, creative work, or socializing. This is a social strain, as it has been known to get people talking! It’s a great strain to share with friends to break the ice during a creative work session or elevate a day hike into a day adventure!

With the addition of Delta 8, consumers can enjoy staying active with the highly motivating nature of Hawaiian Haze. Now with the added boost of D8, providing a clear-headed yet euphoric touch. Delta 8 is great for relieving the day’s tension without becoming overbearing. With the cannabinoids and terpenes found in a high-quality strain like Hawaiian Haze, the effect is an undeniable island vacation!

Hawaiian Haze is a strain that will express tropical flavors both in its scent and flavor. Hawaiian Haze buds carry with them a light but unique citrus scent accented by subtle notes of earth and spice. As would be expected by a strain with a tropical name, Hawaiian Haze tastes great. It will treat you to tropical flavors of sweet pineapple, fermented fruits, and mango when smoked.

The exhale brings complexity, cutting through the sweetness with subtle spice flavor and a burst of citrus. The effect is a delicious smoke satisfying to fans of sweeter varieties of hemp flower. With each inhale of Hawaiian Haze, you can taste the flavors of the tropics, no matter where you are!

Appearance is important for more than ensuring a strain’s bag appeal. Its look expresses the care that has gone into cultivating a strain, from the genetics to the growing process. The Hawaiian Haze strain showcases the care put into it in many ways, with its appearance playing a big part.

Hawaiian Haze plants produce airy buds coated with a good amount of trichomes. So don’t mistake its lightweight appearance for showing the true nature of this potent strain! This flower is bright green and interlaced with a multitude of orange hairs. These hairs are so abundant, they sometimes even manage to obscure the greenery!

One of the most exciting and useful qualities of cannabis is its ability to be bred for use in various settings. You can find plenty of variety, even in strains within the same classification, Indica or Sativa! Hawaiian Haze is a strain that highly represents the qualities Sativa consumers value most.

These Sativa dominant qualities make Hawaiian Haze a great option for mid-day consumption or even as a morning companion for your coffee. Wary of couch-lock? Hawaiian Haze provides the opposite effect. Instead, it elevates the mind and relieves the body, enabling consumers to partake in physical activity with weightless grace.

Hawaiian Haze works well for encouraging engaging social interactions between friends. Smoke a little Haze and watch as the conversation flows from topic to topic with ease, allowing all to indulge in the most fun, freewheeling aspects of a conversation.

The details of a strain’s chemical makeup can reveal a lot about how they make us feel a particular way. It can be surprising and even fun to look at them to figure out how they contribute to the experience garnered through their consumption! Below we’ll breakdown some of the most prominent cannabinoids found in Hawaiian Haze while listing some of their effects:

CBDa: Testing at 18% on average, CBD is the primary cannabinoid that you will find in this cultivar. CBDa is the chemical primarily responsible for the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of hemp flower. It is a precursor chemical to CBD; in a sense, it is a “raw” version of CBD that becomes activated after heated.
Delta 8: Delta 8 provides a lightly euphoric, uplifting experience, the perfect compliment for a heady Sativa like Hawaiian Haze. This strain includes 5% D8 on average.
CBD: CBD tests at around 2%. This may seem like less than the previous two listed chemicals, but following activation, the CBDa in the flower will also convert to CBD, providing the therapeutic benefits hemp flower has become so valued for.

Lab Results