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DecarBox Thermometer Combo Pack

The Magical Butter DecarBox™ Thermometer Combo Pack is revolutionizing the way you experience getting your herbs into the perfect potency each time! Whether you’re new to the holistic and plant-based wellness scene or an experienced aficionado, this device will let you easily calibrate your oven to perfection with its integrated digital thermometer.

The external digital display makes the decarboxylation journey so much easier, letting you keep an eye on the internal temperature without having to open the oven. With its food-grade silicone shell, the DecarBox™ ensures that all the valuable plant compounds are kept locked in, and it locks in the smell of the decarbing herb too. Plus, you can stock up on 2 ounces of herbs at once for maximum potency!

The Magical Butter DecarBox™ Thermometer Combo Pack takes the guesswork out of decarboxylation and lets you get the perfect herb fluid or oil each and every time. Get ready to experience an easier and more enjoyable holistic and plant-based wellness journey with this amazing device!