Cramp Control by Wooden Spoon Herbs

Introducing Cramp Control by Wooden Spoon Herbs – a natural remedy to help you take control of your menstrual cycle. Cramp Control combines a blend of five organic herbs, thoughtfully crafted to ease the physical and emotional symptoms that come with your period.

Organic Cramp bark extract helps ease painful cramps, while a combination of Organic Wild yam, Yarrow, and Motherwort herbs help you find a sense of calm and balance – promoting positive periods and reducing PMS symptoms. Finally, Organic Cane Alcohol and Water are included to preserve the efficacy of the herbs and ensure a shelf-life of up to two years.

So don’t let cramps put a damper on your cycle. Choose Cramp Control and experience the woodlands magick of Wooden Spoon Herbs. This remedy is suitable for most lifestyles and can easily be added to your wellness regime. *Caution: Not for use in pregnancy unless otherwise directed by your healthcare practitioner. Take control and have positive periods with Cramp Control today.


Ingredients: Organic Cramp bark extract, Organic Wild yam rhizome extract, Organic Yarrow herb extract, Organic Motherwort herb extract, Organic Cane Alcohol, Water.