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Cedar Smudge Bundles

Whether you’re an experienced sage-burner or just getting started on your spiritual journey, the Cedar Smudge Bundles from Faiza Naturals are the perfect addition to any sacred space! These bundles are made with premium quality hand-harvested cedar – harvested sustainably and never treated with pesticides or growth hormones. Plus, each bundle is hand-tied with love and care that you can feel in every smudge. Whether you want to cleanse the energy in your home or your sacred objects, Faiza Naturals bring you the highest quality cedar bundles to do it!

When it comes to burning cedar, it can be equal parts fun and educational. Cedar has many uses, from ritualistic uses to medicinal purposes, and Faiza Naturals makes sure to bring only the best and highest quality of cedar. Let’s not forget that the smoke of cedar is excellent for fumigation and cleansing. Whether you’re using white sage bundle for spiritual or religious purposes, or for mental and medicinal wellbeing, with Faiza Naturals cedar smudge bundles, you’ll have the product that can transform your life!