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Carbon Filters by Blazy Susan

Get the most out of your smoke sesh with Blazy Susan's Pink Activated Carbon Filter Tips! Our Xtra Slim (5.9mm) 100ct Jars are from Purize Germany – the innovative tip technology transforming the way you roll. From smoothness to sustainability, these tips help your smoking game in more ways than one.

These tips are produced with only the highest quality coconut activated carbon and ceramic caps. Rid your smoke of unwanted elements and get the most flavor out of your bud, so you can have the smoothest and tastiest puffing experience around. Plus, with the airtight jars you can reuse and store your tips when you run out.

So the next time you're ready to roll, don't forget to add these Pink Activated Carbon Filter Tips! Perfect for those looking to up their smoking game and find holistic, plant based wellness. Trust us - you won't want to puff without one again. Try 'em out today and be sure to restock when you run out!