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BUZZ ME’UP Single 12oz - Delta 9 THC & Caffeine

Wake up and find your buzz with BUZZ ME’UP Single 12oz, a groundbreaking fusion of Delta 9 THC and caffeine, perfected in our invigorating Blue Buzzberry flavor. Each can is a vibrant blend designed to energize your body while uplifting your spirits, providing a unique beverage experience that invigorates and delights with every sip.

Whether you're kickstarting your morning, boosting your afternoon, or fueling a night out, BUZZ ME’UP offers the perfect pick-me-up with a twist. The delicious Blue Buzzberry flavor is a sweet, berry-infused delight, ensuring each can is not just a beverage but a refreshing experience. With the precise balance of Delta 9 THC for a gentle euphoria and caffeine for sustained energy, this 12oz can is your go-to for staying alert and joyful throughout your day.

Embrace the new way to energize and elevate with BUZZ ME’UP Single 12oz – where every can is a journey to blissful energy.


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