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Black Sage Smudge Bundles

Unleash the power of natural healing with Faiza Naturals Black Sage Smudge Bundles! Not just any old black sage—these lush bundles are hand-tied by our amazing artisan team with all-natural ingredients, free of any pesticides, hormones, or other artificial additives. These bundles are harvested from eco-friendly fields and sun-dried for a simply spectacular smudging experience.

Many cultures around the world have used smudging as a way to improve spiritual wellbeing. 

Not only are your Black Sage Smudge Bundles ecologically produced and pharmaceutically safe, but you can be sure that when you use our bundles, you’re doing something positive for the well-being of your own spirit. Transform your home and spirit with Faiza Naturals Black Sage Smudge Bundles!