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B12 Energy Oral Spray Supplement by SpectraSpray

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Danu Wellness is proud to carry SpectraSpray™ products, including this wonderful natural immune support blend.  

SpectraSpray™ B12 Energy Spray is an easy to use, vegan oral spray supplement that supports energy levels for your busy lifestyle. Stay focused and productive with instant energy. Superior absorption for effectiveness.  Take it anytime, anywhere with no need for food or water. Active form of B12 (methylcobalamin) allows your body to use it easily. B12 naturally decreases with age.

  • Support energy production
  • Hair, Skin, Nails
  • Supports mental clarity
  • Supports Vegetarians' + Vegans' B12 levels
  • Healthy blood sugar levels
  • Supports stress reduction
  • Natural mint flavor

Diabetic & Bariatric patient friendly. TSA compliant. Sugar free, gluten free, dairy free. No binders, fillers or allergens. Non-GMO. Manufactured in USA. 30 servings | 240 sprays | 8 sprays each.


About B12
Vitamin B12 is essential for energy, focus, mental health, blood sugar regulation and healthy hair, skin & nails; supports stress reduction and depression symptoms. Needed for Bariatric patient repletion.

B12 is needed to convert carbohydrates into glucose in the body, leading to energy production and a decrease in fatigue.

Over 8000% DV to address deficiency.

Medications that Deplete B12

Acid reducers, blockers and Proton Pump Inhibitors, Metformin, Glucophage, Steroids, Anti-Virals, Oral Contraceptives, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Tranquilizers and Anti-Convulsants

Active Ingredients

500 mcg of Methylcobalamin; the active form of B12


Before initial use, activate the pump by pressing 2 - 4 times. Always shake gently before use and spray directly into mouth, on the inside of each cheek, hold, then swallow. Suggested use: 4 sprays, twice a day, or wait a few seconds and repeat 4 sprays.

Suggested use 3-4 times per day for a few days, when symptoms appear. Do not use multiple times daily for extended period of time.

FDA Disclaimer
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.