Advanced Cold Control by Plant People

The future of natural health is here with Advanced Cold Control by Plant People! Developed with both traditional and clinical-strength formulas to boost your immune system, it's the perfect remedy when you feel something coming on and want to kick it.

Each concoction contains potent Isatis Root + Leaf and Lonicera + Forsythia to support your body's natural resistance, as well as the powerful Andrographis to strengthen your natural defenses and immune system.

This innovative and functional medicinal blend can be taken anytime of year to promote a healthy microbial environment and is sure to give you the ultimate cold-fighting power.

With such a great combination of natural and herbal plants, Advanced Cold Control makes a fantastic addition to any holistic wellness routine. Plant People uses quality ingredients and sustainability to create products perfect for functional mushroom and plant-based lovers alike.

Start to feel better with Advanced Cold Control by Plant People!