Unbleached Deluxe Rolling Kit 1-1/4″ by Blazy Susan

Have you ever been in a situation when you need to smoke on the go but don't have an optimal rolling surface? Look no further than the Unbleached Deluxe Rolling Kit 1-1/4" by Blazy Susan!

This all-in-one pack provides all you need for a perfect smoke session with 32 1-1/4" size papers, a stack of filter tip paper, and an in-built mini rolling tray. With this, you can easily fill up and roll wherever, without having to carry around a large tray with you! Plus, you get the convenience to easily dump leftovers back into your jar or grinder in no time.

The Unbleached Deluxe 1-1/4" Rolling Kit is perfect for smokers looking to have fun while enjoying their holistic wellness journey. Is a plant-based wellness lifestyle your thing? Then the Unbleached Deluxe Rolling Kit is your perfect smoking companion! Get your kit today and take smoking to a whole new level!