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Aller-Ease by Wooden Spoon Herbs

Introducing Aller-Ease by Wooden Spoon Herbs, the non-drowsy solution that helps you say goodbye to seasonal discomfort and stuffy sinuses! Aller-Ease allows you to support your daily sinus health and promote a balanced immune system, so that pollen no longer continues to be a bother.

Its powerful formula contains important and natural ingredients like organic European elder berry, elder flower, Early goldenrod herb, Stinging nettle leaf, and Reishi fruiting body extract. Moreover, it's also fortified with Organic Cane Alcohol and Water, two compounds that make it even more effective and fast-acting.

Relieve the seasonal discomfort you're feeling and reclaim the freedom to enjoy the outdoors in peace. After using Aller-Ease, you'll finally be able to take a deep breath and stop to smell the flowers! Make sure to consult your healthcare provider prior to use, though, if you are pregnant, taking diuretics, or are on a fluid restriction.

So forget about the stuffy sinuses, and don't miss out on the wonders of an allergy-free season. Get refined seasonal support and a better breathing experience now with Aller-Ease by Wooden Spoon Herbs!


Ingredients: Organic European elder berry extract, Organic European elder flower extract, Organic Early goldenrod herb extract, Organic Stinging nettle leaf extract, Organic Reishi fruiting body extract, Organic Cane Alcohol, Water.